Each treatment begins with an introductory talk and a cup of tea or a glass of water.

During this interview is discussed what treatment you want, A form of treatment is chosen. Do you suffer from specific physical symptoms? Please tell me, I keep that in mind.

Cleanliness is my top priority, therefore, i ask u to shower at home or in your hotel before vistiting.
If that is not possible you can shower at the location.

The treatments will be given on a massage table with a soft bottom.
In the background will be played a gentle relaxing massage music,
where you will relax completely. I work with fresh and clean towels.

After the treatment is a glass of water on hand to remove the toxins.
We will have a short conversation of it is how you experience the massage and how you are feeling at the moment.

I am a qualified masseuse, during treatments the focus is on the art of massage.
I don’t offer sexual services. I will be casual dressed during the massage.

My motto is to make you relaxed, de-stresses, recharged and happy to let the door go, so that you can encounter with new energy! READY TO ENJOY LIFE!

Plan, if possible, the first hour after the massage nothing, so you can make come to yourself and can reminisce on this unique experience. Drink plenty of water after the treatment, so that the toxins can flow out of your body throughout the day.

Take a deep breath and relax!


Be on time.

If you’re late, let it know by phone or by SMS.

If you are unable to attend, please let me know as soon as possible via phone or SMS ..

Put your mobile on silent during the massage, so you can experience the best rest in yourself and u can enjoy to the max.

Clean towels are at the present practice; you do not need to bring your own towel.

Cannot smoke in the place

No alcohol is served.

Do not come under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs (alcohol / drugs)
because I am forced to cancel the appointment.

You cannot touch me during the massage.
The basis of a good massage is mutual respect, integrity and trust.

Ask for extra services are not appreciated!

Possibly medication or injury, please let me know for any adjustment of treatment.

The massage treatments are intended for relaxation, so no alternative treatment from a therapist, doctor or specialist!

Registration of Chamber of Commerce and VAT number is present!